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Resolution of Complex Title Issues

Massachusetts Real Estate Title Services

Most of all title issues fall into three categories, liens, missing ownership interests, and missing land. SKM Title & Closing Services, PC has extensive experience handling residential and commercial real estate transactions involving complex title issues. Our team of real estate professionals is committed to resolving title issues and ensuring our clients have one less thing to worry about.

Resolving Complex Title Issues

Mortgage lenders, banks, buyers, and sometimes even sellers do not realize that a piece of property has a title problem until after a title examination has been completed. At SKM we are able to resolve most title problems and acquire title insurance for our clients within the time frame of a normal closing, one to thirty days. Since we handle even the most complex title issues in-house, we never have to tell our clients we are waiting to receive a title.

Liens - State, local, and federal tax liens are some of the most common title issues we handled. However, there are a number of liens that can significantly affect the ability to transfer a title including mechanic's liens and judgment liens.

Missing Parcels - It is not uncommon for a title to be missing a parcel of land. This can happen as a result of the subdivision of a property. Our attorneys understand how to establish a chain of tile and present the information to the court so if necessary, the deeds can be reformed.

Missing Ownership Interests - When land is transferred between multiple parties, such as during the probate of an estate or a business with multiple partners, ownership interests can become convoluted. This often results in titles that have unresolved ownership interests. We have set up a set of procedures that typically allows us to resolve missing ownership issues within the time frame of a normal closing.

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